What Customers are Saying

"Wonderful hair products that actually work! After years of trying to find something that truly hydrated my hair, I finally found the "Dry hair dew". Not only does it smells delicious, but it actually solved my problem. "Edges salve" is also a wonderful product and it leaves my hair feeling so good!
It was a seamless shopping experience through their website and the delivery was super fast! I absolutely have LOVE these products and will be ordering more!" (Cintia, Sydney)


"This product. I could tell within minutes that my hair loved this leave-in. It absorbed well and left my 4c hair soft and smelling delicious. No more settling for a mediocre product because it's all I could find. Life-changing and will be ordering this and other products from ML again. Would love to buy in larger sizes. Thank you for the beautiful product!." (Ella, Sydney)


"I LOVE the smell of the salve and the synergiser leave in conditioner. It wasn't too strong but still had a pleasant scent. My hair and scalp felt super clean after using the African Black Soap which was impressive as I used it after I took down my braids. The synergiser leave in made my hair feel soft and moisturised without feeling grimy. I followed up by adding the edges salve to my tips, scalp and running it lightly through my hair and my hair still feels soft and hydrated 4 days later." (Elizabeth, Melbourne)


"Honestly love this product. The oil has a beautiful peppermint smell and you can feel the tingle when applied to your edges - and that's how you know it's working." (Akua, Brisbane) "Really great product. Love the care that has gone into creating it. Nice smell." (Nana, Melbourne)


"The products are fantastic. We don't have to  comb my daughter's hair. Just finger combing suffices as the products help separate the hair easily." (Tarisai, Brisbane) 


"I swear by your gel. It is the best." (Christa, Melbourne)


"I particularly like the before-and-after shot of her mum's hair using the products."  (Kerotsi, NSW). Full review on Kerotsi's Blog here: 

"So it has been 4 weeks since I started using them....here are my thoughts on them... eeeee_amazing products.....love love them!"  (Valentine, NSW). Check out the full review on @beau_fleur's Insta feed