Why Choose MoistureLover (ML) Afro & Curl Care


 Welcome to MoistureLover Hair Afro and Curl Care

Ghanaian-born Adwoa Agyapomaa is the female founder of MoistureLover Hair Afro and curl care, an award winning natural hair care brand based in Melbourne. 

Providing Afro & Curl care for afro and curly hair textures all over Australia and New Zealand. ML Afro and Curl Care’s product range is strong on ingredients: if the ingredient is harmful or controversial, we don’t touch it!

Based on documented experience that products marketed for Black hair care often contain inferior and sometimes controversial ingredients, MoistureLover Hair product range  set out to change that trend in 2015.

With natural-hair loving NO sulphate cleansers, NO silicone LeaveIn conditioners, and nourishing plant-based gels that are hydrating for curly and afro hair, MoistureLover Hair is a brand that loves Afros and Curls the way they deserve to be loved and respected. 

 Launching in 2015 with a hair conditioner that catered to curly hair by using thicker more luxurious oils, the MoistureLover Hair product range now includes a bestselling African Black Soap-based curl cleanser known for its amazing properties in West Africa for 100s of years.

Winner of the 2018 AfroShine Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurship category, ML Afro & Curl Care continues to innovate and create moisturising products for the natural curly hair community.

We believe in doing business with Africa

Rather than seeing Africa through the one-sided lens of poverty, disease and charity, we've opted for seeing it for what it is: a vibrant continent of abundant resources! We source our Organic Shea butter (used on our LeaveIn Conditioners and African Black soap (used in our best selling shampoo) from the unique country of Ghana.

We believe in giving back

We donate 10% of our profits towards sanitation work via the NGO Edu Afrique in Ghana where our raw organic shea butter and black soap are sourced.

We're Crazy in Love with Afro and Curly Hair

We're tirelessly pursuing Afro and curly hair care and invite you to  experience our wholesome difference. 

*Moisture Lover Afro Care's founder Adwoa Agyapomaa was awarded a 2018 Afroshine Award in the Excellence in Business and Entrepreneurship category.